Wednesday, June 13, 2012

December Delivery

So the announcement I mentioned?

That's right, December will see our family of three become 4! (or 5, with the kitty)  We're very excited, little M claims to love babies, so we'll hope that continues!

I didn't do a great job of recoding my pregnancy with M (aside from a picture or two every month or so) so I wanted to do something a little more organized and fun.

And in the last few months, I discovered the awesome DIY Maternity blog!  Started up by Megan Nielson, designer extraordinaire, it has tons of tutorials for making your own maternity clothes!  So there I found the tutorial for the Maternity Calendar shirt designed by Miranda of One Little Minute.

It's pretty simple, although a bit time consuming on account of all the cutting out required.  But I like the slightly rough look my numbers ended up with.  The only things I changed was to just use a fabric marker to cross off my weeks rather then fabric paint.

So, what's next?  Well, I've had to abandon my dress a month project, as most of my planned patterns don't accommodate a bump!  A few do, and I've got some maternity projects planned that will likely include a dress or two!  I scooped up a couple of Megan Nielson's maternity patterns on a recent trip, and once the end of July gets here and I know if this munchkin is a boy or a girl, more baby clothes must be made!   Oh the possibilities!

And yikes, my bump looks big in these photos!  I actually like that I'm showing a good bit, makes it all seem so much more real!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Paloma Pattern Winners!

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my top!  I think I've found some new fun blogs to follow!

But now for the pattern winners!

Congrats to mamma g

and unknown

I'll be e-mailing you shortly to get your addresses to send your patterns! (But feel free to beat me to it and send me an e-mail first!)

And in other news, I'll likely have a new project post up tomorrow with a little announcement ;)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sew Liberated Paloma top and Giveaway [CLOSED!]

I'm super excited today to be part of my first ever blog pattern tour!  When Meg of Sew Liberated e-mailed me to take part in the tour for the Paloma top/tunic/dress I was thrilled!

I loved making her Mariposa tee, and definitely plan to make more of her patterns in the future!  Love the uncomplicated yet gorgeous styles!  Also love her kids patterns, little M is definitely getting a Huck Finn Cap this fall!

So here's my attempt at the Paloma.  I made the top version, but am pondering a longer version in the future perhaps.  I'm loving the flowy shape for the summer months!

Please excuse my messy garden :)

It went together pretty smoothly.  It was my first time working with the steam a seam, but it was neat, definitely made the seams on the knit fabric nice and easy to work with!    I made up the XS but with the XL length for my tallness.  The fabric is just something I found at my local chain store.  Nice and kinda retro I thought.  With this city being such a wasteland for nice patterned knit, I was happy to find something!

Overall, I'm quite pleased! Thanks Meg!

And so a few more pictures just because:

The requisite modelesque pose:

And requisite silly/out-take pose:

So because I know that all of you now want to try the pattern, its time for my first GIVEAWAY!  Meg is offering two readers of this here little blog a free copy of the Paloma top pattern!  Just leave a comment below and tell me which version you would make, top, tunic or dress!  I'll use to select the winners next Monday at 6pm EST!  And make sure your profile links to your e-mail, otherwise leave it in the comment! CLOSED!  See this post for the winners!

AND for the next two weeks, you readers can get 10% off everything in the Sew Liberated shop, just use the code "old house mama".

Thanks Meg, you're awesome!

So now I encourage you to go visit the other lovely ladies participating in the pattern tour and see their Paloma's!

Tuesday June 5th: Sew Caroline
Friday June 8th: Small + Friendly
Monday June 11th: Sweet Verbana

Friday, June 1, 2012

A hat, bonnets and more bonnets!

So apparently I've only been capable of making hats the last few weeks.  One bucket hat and three bonnets later, here we are!

Bucket hat from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.  Made up in Enchino cars, and a print from Sarah Jane's Children at Play line (the blue one with the paper airplanes, but I have no picture to prove it!)  Made using Jessica of A Little Grey's clever shortcut (no hand sewing!)

Second Birthday Made by Rae Peek-a-boo Bonnet.  Modelled by little M (doesn't it go lovely with the plaid shirt and dump truck?)  Just a quick shot on the way to the birthday party.  I do enjoy being a last minute sewist, ha.

Two more little Peek-a-boo bonnets for the Australian Niece.  They are finally on their way guys!  Hope you get them soon!  Apparently I like making these bonnets, as previously seen here and here.

Now that I've gotten all this hat making out of my system, I have exciting things happening next week here on this little blog!  Be sure to visit on Wednesday when I'll be taking part in a pattern blog tour for the first time ever! and there may just something in it for you if you visit!

See you then!

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