Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Vacation

Summer is almost over.  Or should I say summer vacation is almost over.  As my teacher husband likes to remind me, summer continues until September 21st!

With September only a week away, my time for projects will likely diminish a bit more.  Squiggles will be starting daycare, and my work hours will get a bit longer, and the days will get shorter, and our spare time even shorter with Mr. Bear back at work.  Hopefully soon, regardless of this, we will find some spare time to do a few long over due clean up and fix up projects on the house.

I also have a slew of sewing and a bit of knitting in the cue for the winter, some for me and more for Squiggles!  But for now, I thought I'd wrap up some of my summer activities.

Our first vacation in July brought us to our usual lake resort.  And with it brought some free time to knit some Monster Chunks!!  With the ever patient assistance of my sister to help me learn to knit in the round, and an emergency trip to the local discount store to buy some stuffing, embroidery floss and felt to finish them of.  And so we photographed them on vacation.

These were from one of Rebecca Danger's awesome free knitting patterns.  I love all of her monsters, and hopefully there are more in Squiggles future.  For now he likes to call them "balls".  But then again that was his word for almost anything remotely round for a while!

Our second vacation in August was to the ocean!

The south Maine coast in particular.  And while we were there and since we practically had to drive past it, a stop at Alewives Fabrics was a must.  And they were successful in forcing me (haha!) to buy this lovely stack of fabric.

There is no fabric store like it anywhere remotely near me, not even in Toronto and Hamilton.  Although trips to three different stores in these cities at the end of our first vacation did garnered me this stack.

And so, just what will I make with all this fabric?  You will just have to stay tuned.  Some of it does have a predetermined purpose, but a bunch does not, so feel free to leave me some ideas in a comment!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pretty in a bonnet

I've decided bonnets are adorable on little girls.   Ever since Rae on Made by Rae posted her pattern for a Peekaboo Bonnet, I knew I had to make one.  But, since I don't have a little girl, I made one for Squiggles' little girl friends!

Her mom loves hats, and loves taking photos of her cute daughter in said hats, so it was perfect (All the photos here are ones she took!) Super cute I think!

I love Rae's patterns, and this one is no exception.  It's pretty easy to follow and super cute!  The only tricky thing was putting the piping on both sides.  The pattern calls for it only on the plan side (The bonnet is fully reversible), but explains you can add it to both side, it just requires some hand stitching, which I'm not that great at, but it works, and I do LOVE the look of the piping on the bonnet!  I think in future I might just switch it around and put the piping only on the pattern side and leave it off of the solid side.  In this case the pattern side is the prettiest anyways!

Now, who to make one for next? Well, friends of ours just had a baby girl last week!  So I'm thinking she needs a teeny tiny one!   And I just bought some pretty cute new fabric on our holidays that just might work!
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