Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Polka Dot Ruched Maternity Skirt

I've been eying several of Megan Nielsen's patterns for a while, long before I knew I was pregnant again.  So after acquiring a few on a recent trip (from the only store in Canada that seems to physically stock them (love you the workroom!)  All I had to do was wait until this cute little baby gave me an evening I didn't want to just spend on the couch to make something!

Last pregnancy I was mostly pregnant in the winter and wore lots of pants, so while I have a fair number of maternity tops, I wanted more skirts!  Hence the ruched maternity skirt seemed a good start!

It is SUPER quick and easy to sew (especially when one doesn't bother to switch to a double needle to hem, which I think I might resew with as it needs the stretch!)  It took maybe an hour or so.  I have a pile of this navy and white polkadot fabric as well, and seemed good for a trial of the skirt.  A bit thin perhaps, but super stretchy.

Results?  As other bloggers/sewists have noted, its sure is one sexy little skirt!  No room to hide any bodily imperfections!  Which also makes it awesome to show of your growing bump!  Yet very, very comfy.  I do love that pregnancy makes it ok for a grown woman to wear lots of elastic stretchy waist stuff to work!  So much more comfy than fussy waistbands, zippers and buttons.

Poor yellow grass!  We're in a serious drought up here, it's been super hot and dry for weeks, something not too common here.

I made up the XS (which is my normal pre-pregnancy size, although I think if I make it again with a slightly weightier knit I'll make a S.  I just barely got it over my hips, even with the stretch!  I'm thinking I've widened more than I thought from my pre-pregnancy size!

I see at least one more of these in my near future, along with attempts at a few of her other maternity patterns hopefully very soon (assuming baby junior co-operates of course)!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Birds

I'm still here!  This pregnancy is kicking my ass pretty good, so I'm only feeling up to couch sitting in the evening.  Hence little sewing is being done sadly.

We did go on a short vacation last week though, which involved lots of sitting and with some sisterly assistance, the creation of some of Rebecca Danger's Chubby Chirps!

Aren't' they cute?  I hadn't knitted in a while, so it was nice to do it again.  I only knitting the small blue one, my sister the other two (plus the wings on mine, cause they were giving me a hard time!)  Interesting to see what a difference tension can make in a project!  I knit pretty tight, as witnessed by the fact that my blue chirp is visibly smaller than my sisters despite using the same size needles and yarn! Knitting little creatures seems to be coming a vacation tradition too.

Knitting has been my go to thing lately, as it's a sitting down activity!  I've been working away on a new sweater for little M for the fall.  And next week when we (hopefully) find out the gender of little eggplant there will be more knitting (and sewing too)!

I do have a few sewing things partially done too, and hopefully slowly I will get them finished.

For now, I'll leave you with my 18 week shot in my calendar shirt :)  Excuse the funny expression, but boy, this kid is already having dance parties in there!

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