Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Posie in flight!

Yes, I know it's Kids Clothes Week, and I got posts lined up for that later this week!

In the meantime I thought I'd blog one of the many dresses I've made for me lately!  I'm thinking I'm gonna do a series of brief posts on each so they are at least recorded for posterity eh?

I'm particularly in love with making dresses in knits.  They are usually pretty easy, quick, cute and comfy, like wearing your pajamas to work.

 Don't worry, these pictures are almost a month old so the snow is gone now ;)

The Pocketful of Posies dress from Blank Slate Patterns fits this bill very well.  It's loose fitting dress, so definitely comfy, and also adorable.  I'd had the pattern for a while and wasn't sure what fabric to use until I remembered I'd been hoarding a couple meters of this organic Birch knit in the flight pattern I picked up a Simplifi Fabric last year.  It's a slightly heavier interlock, so the perfect weight for this!   And since I have a colour problem and the flight knit was just grey, I had to add a coloured ribbing!

I wasn't 100% of the style on me, but after making this one I'm sold.  I love the big pockets and the easy comfy wearing.  I tend to wear flats, but I could see myself dressing it up with heels or boots depending.  It's a pretty good transitional piece too with the medium length sleeves, but loose enough it'll last well into summer and then again in the fall!

And with all of Melly's patterns, the instructions were great and it was easy put together!

So whose with me on the awesomeness of knit dresses?  It feels a bit like cheating when I wear them to work, but I'm gonna keep doing it!

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