Monday, December 31, 2012

And another year goes by

It's been a good year, mostly I'd have to say because of this adorable and awesome little guy

I hope next year brings him lots of handmade awesomeness (and it will!)

But what did I get up to this past year?  Like I did last year, and stealing ideas from the lovely Sophie over at Cirque du Bebe and fabulous Carolyn at Fake It While You Make It,  I give you 2012!


I made a lot for me this year actually, a number of dresses for my ill fated dress a month challenge (silly pregnancy) plus tops for Rae's Spring Top Challenge, plus several maternity pieces.  Make more things for me was a goal from last years wrap up post, so go me I guess!
Most Proud Of
of My Mad Men inspired dress (top left).  It was my first attempt at a vintage pattern, and I followed it entirely, doing all the silly details that I often cut corners with when sewing modern patterns.  I have a number of other vintage patterns and a pile of fabric for them that I hope to get to this year!  Thankfully most are shirt dresses which are nicely nursing friendly!

Most Worn
Probably my boring brown maternity skirt in the last weeks of my pregnancy, or my Minna blouse (second collage, left) prior to pregnancy as it was awesome for work!

Least Worn
Mad Men dress!  A bit too fancy for work sadly.  And sadly, my blue polkadot maternity skirt as it was really too small and I quickly grew out of it!

Coolest Things that Happened
Got to pattern test the Paloma tee for Sew Liberated and get featured!  Meg is super awesome!
Also got featured over at Burdastyle for my husband's cardigan, and over at Megan Nielsen for my Polkadot maternity skirt!!!

Most Proud Of
Probably the backpacks, and they get the most compliments

Most Worn
His green hoodie, need to make more of these!

Least Worn
His grey shirt, just don't really like it sadly, need to try the pattern again with better fabric!

Favorite Pattern
I suppose that would have to be Made by Rae's Peek-a-boo bonnet.  I may have made more than a few :).  Most recently I sent two more to my niece in Australia that I didn't actually blog about (that will mean I've made her 5!).  What can I say I love making bonnets and people love wearing them!

Coolest Things that Happened
Got to pattern test the Paloma tee for Sew Liberated and get featured!  Meg is super awesome!
Also got featured over at Burdastyle for my husband's cardigan, and over at Megan Nielsen for my Polkadot maternity skirt!!!

And I can't forget my littlest one.  I only got to make him one thing this year, and he's finally got to wear them, although they are still a bit too big on him (and excuse the blurry iPhone photo :).  Don't worry little guy, you'll have more handmade goodness soon!

This year also brought the opening of an awesome local fabric store, Fabrications (if you're ever in Ottawa, you must check it out!)  They stock tons of awesome fabric (included lovely imported Japanese stuff) that will keep me sewing for a while!  And the owners are lovely, lovely people!

AND I totally got a new sewing machine.  Loved my old Pfaff, but it was a basic model (Hobby 1122) and didn't even have any sort of knit stitch or an adjustible stitch width.  I still kept it old school and got a mechanical machine, but this time it has way more stitches and other awesome useful things (it's the Select 150).

Yikes, I totally sewed way more this year then I thought!  And a thanks again to all the awesome bloggers out there that continue to inspire me to get better and better at sewing!  thanks guys!

And what of next year?

Nothing particular I think, just trying more new things, and hopefully sewing something else for my oft forgotten husband!  Here's hoping the kids nap lots :)

P.S. sorry for the ridiculously long post!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New on December 3rd

Little baby E was born this past Monday morning at home as planned.   All went awesome!

Big brother M is super excited, and we're just enjoyed snuggly family time for now!

He's adorableness sure is making me itch to sew again (and on a new machine!  but that's a story for another post)
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