Thursday, July 24, 2014

KCW - Shorts time!

I had plans to make some shorts and tanks for the boys this Kids Clothes Week.  And well. I got the shorts done!   My time yesterday and today has been spent trying to figure out what's wrong with my serger... to no avail.  So I think I'll be sewing up the tanks on my regular machine tomorrow instead!

But, well, I made SHORTS!  Nothing fancy, but I've been meaning to make them shorts with these fabrics for over a year!

First up, some for little E.  These are a modified version of the Quick Change Pants pattern from Anna Maria Horners book Handmade Beginnings.  I didn't make them reversible, and shortened them to shorts length.  I added an inch to the top to account for cloth diaper but and an elastic casing and bingo!

I still made them to long, but I added a huge hem which I could roll up even more to make them fit like this.  They will last a while as his big brother technically fits the width of his Quick Change Pants I made him in the same size years ago!

Oh and the fabric?  Why yes, his but is covered in a small scrap of lion fabric from the new Cotton + Steel line!  And the buses are Kokka linen/cotton, both from Fabrications!  This little boy LOVES buses, he was super excited when he saw them!

Next up?  Radio shorts!  I have had this fabric from over 2 years I think and always planned to make shorts with it.  So I did.  And I have enough for more shorts!

These are the shorts version of the Clean Slate Pants in 4T.  This is a great pattern!  It's available as part of the extended Pattern Anthology Collection as well until this Monday! I just did the basic pants with the pockets, but in the future I totally want to do the welt back pockets and a fly!  I also just ran the elastic through the whole waist band instead of leaving a flat front.  My blue accent fabric was just a thinner quilting cotton which I hadn't interfaced, so it needed something more.

And oh, he seems to like them too!  Although he keeps asking me what the radios are!  Kids these days!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tale of the Imagine Jacket and a Silly Preschooler

I'm so excited to share the photos of my version of the fourth and last pattern in the Make (Believe) Pattern Anthology bundle!  The Imagine Jacket is perfect for my a certain little boy with a very active imagination.

He's also quite creative.  And apparently he watched Zoolander behind our backs and now pulls out the most adorable poses ever when I ask him to stand STILL.

He totally works it though, and I love it.  NOW, back to the jacket.

I've not sewed many jackets.  Not normally something I'd see myself taking the time to do.  This pattern has changed my mind though!  so many great details (welt pockets!, rib cuffs!)  but still pretty simple construction.  This pattern will be my go too next time a need a jacket for my boys!

In particular this will be M's jacket for this fall.  I just hope he's ok with the zipper!  I put in a chunkier one for that exactly reason.

I finally cut into and use most of this awesome camera fabric I picked up at Fabrications back probably over a year ago for the lining, and just used some blue twill for the rest.

I think he likes it!

Now go check out the pattern and the Make (Believe) collection!  The bundle is only available until the 28th!

Did you all also know it's Kids Clothes Week??  Check out details here!  Nothing like a good excuse to sew at least once a day and gets lots of inspiration from other sewists! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Explorer Hoodie Time!

Can you believe there is just over a week left to get your hands on the Make (Believe) Pattern bundle over at Pattern Anthology

So it's time to share my tester version of the Explorer Hoodie

I love sewing knits!  These days there are more and more cute prints you can get your hands on (I used some Lillestoff here) and knits are soo easy to wear and cozy!  They are such quick sews too, no need to finish seams!  I even used my regular machine, but with a good walking foot and a fake overlock or zig zag stitch it's works great!

And also?  I love hoods!  And he looks cute in hoods!

I love the angled zipper option in particular with this pattern!  Next time I plan to add the button tab as well.  My zipper is a bit wavy as I had mean to interface it, but otherwise I love it!  And he has room to grow in it too.  It'll be perfect for the cooler evenings we know are a month or two away.

So, now get ourself over here and get the pattern!  (And please excuse the drool)

And don't forget to check out my posts for the other patterns in the collection, the Bookworm Button Up and the Adventure Tee!

And check back tomorrow for my version of the last but definitely NOT least pattern, the Imagine Jacket!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adventure in a Tee shirt

Yesterday, I shared my Bookworm button up, the first of four tester projects from the new Pattern Anthology Make (Believe) collection!

Next up is the Adventure Tee!

I love sewing with knits for my boys, so was super excited to try out some of the many, many awesome options in this pattern!  I opted to use many of them in this shirt.  The placket, tabs and zipper pocket in particular.  They are such an awesome way to fancy up a comfy tee!

The pattern calls for these to be made in knit like the rest, but I wanted to use orange, and only had woven fabric and it worked perfectly!

This was also a great opportunity to cut into some of my treasured Lillistoff Euro knit from Simplifi Fabric.  This boy loves dinosaurs, and I love putting bright colours and patterns on my boys, so it worked out perfect (and he likes it!)!

This kid is turning into a real poser.  Whenever he sees a camera come out the posing starts.  In these photos he tells me he's being a rock star.  So adorable.

Check back tomorrow for my next project!  and in the meantime, go check out the pattern collection and pick up your own!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Believe in The Bookworm Button up!

So excited to finally share with you all what I've been up to the last few weeks!  I got a chance to test the patterns for the new Pattern Anthology Collection Make (Believe)

I'll be sharing with you all the 4 projects in the next week or so.  Check out my Instagram feed or my Facebook page for some other sneak peaks!  In the meantime go snag your copy of the collection and tell me what you're going to make!

I absolutely adore button down shirts on little boys, so was super excited to see that the Bookworm Button up was in the collection and to finally actually make one for my boys!  I've made an adult sized one, but never a teeny one before.

And I have to say, it was waaaay easier then I remember the Mr's shirt being.  The instructions were clear and well laid out, which helped a ton!  I made view A, but if I had girls, I'd be all over the bow sleeves in views C and D!

I particularly love the pleated pockets.

It was also the perfect chance to use up this adorable Japanese fabric I had just picked up from Fabrications! Who doesn't like whales eh?

And well, adorable right?

So if you've been scared to try making a shirt like this before, don't be!  Just do it!  I plan to make up one for my older son next!

So now don't forget to check out the collection over at Pattern Anthology! There are three awesome ways to get the patterns.  All four together for $19.95.  Add in the super neat activity book for $24.95, OR best of them all, add in 4 pants patterns for $34.95.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Strawberry Season!

I'm going to attempt to blog more regularly, and am hoping to give this here blog some spring cleaning.... here goes on the more regular blogging part!

As you fine readers may have noticed... I love dresses.  And lately, I love sewing with knits.  I also love strawberries.  So well yeah, when I saw this fabric on L'Oiseau Fabric's site, I clearly had to buy it.

After some thought, I decided to make something simple and not childish.  Thankfully Salme Pattern's had recently released a V-neck Dress pattern which fit the bill. 

It went well, I cut a size bigger than my normal thinking I needed too based on measurements (I actually have a thick waist compared to the rest of me, surprising, I know.)  But I ended up taking it back in.  I also realize how much I hate facings on knits.  I don't care what you all say, they Do.Not.Stay.Down.  So I topstiched anyways.

I also added some red knit to the shoulders for some interest.  I'm not yet sure if looks neat or vaguely military. Thoughts?

Also, my oldest son is a crazy kid, and insisted on being in the photos, so I thought I'd share his silliness too.  Just wait till you see some of the photos of him modelling some new pieces I've recently sewn for him.  Man that kid has the poses down!  If I didn't know better, I'd have thought he'd watched Zoolander.

Final note.  I recently discovered some ridiculously awesome Canadian retailers of serious awesome patterned knits.  Simplifi Fabric in Ontario, and the aforementioned L'Oiseau in Alberta.  Not to mention a few awesome Facebook groups.  My sewing budget is basically blown.
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