Sunday, February 23, 2014

Staple Bandwagon

Some decided sewing time on my birthday a few weeks ago finally meant I got to finish a few projects for me!  So I thought I'd join the bandwagon and make that Staple Dress by April Rhodes people keep bloggin about.

Simple, cute, can use most fabrics for it = win for me.  I hoped I could make it my go to pattern for quick dresses, because well, I love dresses and have limited sewing time.

I purposely just made the XS, hoping it would fit well enough and I would alter any future versions.  With the elastic shirring waist, I figured it would fit ok regardless.   I'm not however a fan of high necks for a few reasons, mainly because I'm still nursing little E.  So I did grade down the neck a good bit, and out a teeny bit.

I was also sewing with a quilting weight cotton, not ideal (but super cute!), but again, I figured I'd try it.  I also wanted to try the drop hem.  Drop hem + this weight of fabric = not the best, but again, ok!

So results?  Definitely quick, easy and cute, but the XS is still way too big on me, with gaping across the bodice under the arms.  Sure its a relaxed fit, but not this much.

Solution?  Added a inverted box pleat to the neck line at the front and a little one at the back.  Sure this meant my neckline doesn't allow for nursing, but it brought everything together.  I could have taken in and redrafted the sides, but this was a quicker fix for this one.

Next time?  I need to take a inch at least out of the centre on the fold, THEN with an adjusted neck?  It should equal awesome.  Knit version next time maybe?

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