Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beach fashion times three

We took our annual beach and lake trip last week.  And it was a hot one!  Lots of time to just sit in the shade by lake and digest the yummy food the inn we stay at provides.

And finally, a reason to sew up some swim cover ups!  I'd been dying to try out Dana of MADE's Beach Robe pattern and so after securing some sale towels from Sears (alas no Target for cheap nice towels here)  I made two up.  One as a present for one of Miles baby girl friends and our neighbours.  She's just 4 months older than Miles and she is adorable!  I'd been wanting to make her something for a while, but couldn't decide.  She's not a dress wearer, so I thought a robe would be useful for when she goes to the pool or after baths!

Yes, I made Squiggles wear it to get a photo.  For the hood lining and one side of the tie on each robe, I used a fat quarter of fabric.   While not an explained option in the pattern, I saw that one of the pattern testers had put the pattern fabric as one side of the tie, and I loved the contrast so I did the same on both robes I made.  I think it totally adds even more cuteness.

I love blue and green, and love the fabric combo on Squiggles robe!

Two other things I realized with making these.  Cutting terry cloth towels is hard!  And the fibers get everywhere.  Number 2?  I don't know how to sew bias tape properly.  I should have listened to my mom, who tried to explain it, but no, I was sure I understood it.  Well I didn't.  And while it generally looks ok....  it could have looked waaaay better (just don't look to close).  A final note, I made the smallest size (9-18mths) for Squiggles because he's on the small side, despite being almost 15 months, it fits fine, but I should have made it a tad longer!  I made the medium for his 18 month old little friend!

As an additional little project, I made myself a coverup.  Look, we match!  I was inspired by the Beach Towel Dress on MADE, but I didn't use a pattern, just kinda winged it using her post with the elastic thread.  It was still a bit too wide, but its ok.  It was sooo easy sewing with the elastic thread that I'm totally inspired to use it again!

I may have bought some new fabric on my travels, so I have lots to stuff for upcoming projects!  Now to just find the time..!  Also, still need to work more on taking better photos, not too happy with these!  Although I'm glad to report I discovered how to make the pictures bigger on the blog! YAY!


  1. I wish you would show your face! Besides being a talented sewer and knitter, you look cute from behind ;)!

  2. You already see my face everyday Mr. Bear :P


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