Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ponky the Giant Squid

I may have been crazy, but I did it anyways, I made an eight foot long stuffed giant squid.

M loves sea creatures these days, and when I saw these directions pinned on Pinterest… and with Mr. OHM's encouragement, I had to make it.  Lots of fleece and a GIANT bag of stuffing later, here he is!

He greeted the kids Christmas morning and M was thrilled, giving him lots of hugs before he had him attacking the pirate ship he got from Oma (oh and massaging him with his new toy drill too… poor Ponky).

The directions I had were pretty good, and I think he turned out well.. Stuffing the loges tentacles was a super huge pain, and I ended up having to add a second opening (more hand sewing yay!)

And I was sooo on top of things before Christmas that I was sewing the eye on Christmas morning before they kids woke up…. 

Why Ponky you ask?  I have no idea, that's just what M named him, and I think it's rather cute.


  1. That is amazing! My littlest would love it. What a great Christmas surprise!

  2. Hahaha so ridiculous and fun. Kids interests provide all sorts of odd inspiration.


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