Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Baby Jaguars!

With M getting older, I'm always a bit worried he's going to request some crazy costume that will be difficult to make.  So when he asked to be a jaguar, I jumped on that suggestion!

Originally little E was going to just wear M's costume from two years ago (a blue dinosaur) but I couldn't resist making a second jaguar costume!

And when a local photography friend of mine, J.Sparks Photography offered me one of her Halloween mini sessions?  Again I just couldn't resist.  She's photographed my kids (and myself!) several times always with super awesome results!  Oh and she's also a super awesome mom, so glad to know her!  Thanks Jenna!

Seriously, these kids?  that smile, I melt!

As for the details on the costumes.  I used for the 3rd year now, the Woodland Animal Costume pattern from Running with Scissors!  I just added my own tail and ears!  Such a versatile suit that can be customized a million ways!  I do wish I hate cut out the larger hood size for E, as he apparently has a large head!  It worked ok, and they love them!  They were being worn around the house for days until they had to get washed! 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Oh, dang, those are the two cutest Jaguars I have ever seen! Now I'm off to check out this pattern you speak of - sounds interesting! I decided not to sew costumes this year. Joe is too picky and it is so time-consuming. But all of the amazing blogged costumes are making me feel kind of guilty/regretful about it! These are wonderful.


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