Sunday, December 27, 2015

Everyone needs a Holiday Capsule Wardrobe right?

I've been quite intrigued by the capsule wardrobe concept recently.  I have a mostly handmade wardrobe now, but without a lot of thought as to what I needed and what actually goes together.  I'm very big at just sewing what I like.  I have little time to sew, so I often don't want to bother with the boring stuff.  Thing is, boring stuff is actually pretty easy to make!

So I thought I'd test out a mini capsule, by making stuff I REALLY needed.  Christmas outfits. [Insert hilarious laughter from my audience]  Seriously guys, I have a problem, I did not need more Christmas clothes.  What I do need is pants, and more separates.  This plan did have a silver lining though. I DID actually make several separates that are totally not really Christmasy and work together in various combos (when I don't wear them with Christmas socks ;) so it was actually a win-win for my wardrobe!  Actually everything I made an be worn beyond.  I do have two pretty kitschy pieces, but I made them in previous years, and they serve to Christmas up my outfits!

Lets start with the subtle:

Sloane Sweater (basic sweater knit) with double gauze inserts.  Super comfy and casual for every day.

Now pair that sweater with a crazy Gnome print skirt and red tights?  CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME. Seriously, I wore this to my work party.  We went indoor glow in the dark mini golfing.  I beat my bosses boss.  That's good for my career right?

Now on to the less subtle:

Washi (expansion pack version with the BOW clearly) in Christmas washi fabric!  My mom knows my love of Christmas clothes and bought this for me this fabric in the summer and told me to make a dress.  So OF COURSE it had to be a wash.

Don't worry I don't normally go around with no sweater in the winter.  (Sweater hand knit by my fabulous mother in yarn first dyed for this sweater and now a standard colour over at Indigo Dragonfly yarn)  and red tights of course.

Now back to the subtle..

Day Tripper (Shwin Designs) in this super soft bamboo knit and a self drafted gathered skirt in this neat woven Japanese fabric (it's probably really to light and stiff for a gathered skit and I probably should have made a pleated skirt, but whatever, to late, and it's still works.

I also tucked it in, but I think I need a different shirt maybe to do this with (time to make a red tank for summer? haha)  This shirt also goes will with my other skirt and even just with jeans!

And just to round out this post and confirm I like kitschy Christmas sewing, here are some pieces I've made previously but have no good photos off!

Who doesn't need a Made by Rae Ruby in Rudolph fabric (with bodice mod to allow nursing)

Lane Raglan (lengthened probably 4 inches) and self-drafted tights in Christmas Sweater knit fabric!


  1. Yes! A Christmas capsule! Thanks a pretty fantastic idea! You look great...and Christmas-y!

  2. Look at you! I love this! You look especially great in that washi :)

  3. I love it!!! I love your Christmas themed clothing, but the subtler basics are fantastic too. Especially that sweater with the plaid back yoke - I need one of those!

  4. Wow you have been busy, all those staple items are so necessary, well done for making them. Love the Christmas Washi, fabulous.


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