Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Presents for little ones

I spend last week making up a few gifts for other peoples babies, which I have decided I love doing!   People always really appreciate them, and I just love making them!

I was however slightly sad to realize after reading up on one of my favorite sewing blogs Piccoli Piselli that last week was the Kids Clothing Week Challange (KCWC)  A week where you  pledge to spend at least a hour a day sewing clothes only for kids (be it yours or others), and of course, blog about it :)  I have a bunch of fabric to make stuff for Squiggles and could have used the motivation, but oh well, next year!! and I guess I did a bit, because I did make this cute dress for one of Squiggles girl baby friends (she is less than a day younger than Squiggles and born just down the hall at the same hospital :)

It was super fun to make something from a girl, although I have discovered that making stuff for boys is of course fun too!  This is the Pretty-as-a-picture Dress from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings.  She's a fabric and pattern designer and I'm liking her book.  Next up I hope to make the Baby in the Hood jacker for Squiggles, the fabric is prepped and waiting to be cut and sewed!

I also made two Peek-a-Boo toy sacks a free tutorial on Make it Perfect.  These are awesme, super quick to sew and I think super handy.  This is definitely a staple for future gift giving!  Perfect to hold blocks, legos, or whatever!

This one was also for the same baby girl as above

And this one was for the littlest boy of a friend and co-worker who turned 2!

I'm loving how you can play with the different colour combos on the lining etc.  I have many other ideas for combos in my brain!

That's all the sewing for the next few weeks.  It's serious cleaning time!!  We're having a serious yard sale in less than two weeks!

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