Friday, June 10, 2011

Progress and a few steps back

So we succeeded in selling some stuff in the last few weeks.  Joined in our neighbourhoods annual garage sale and had some success.  Said goodbye to an old teak coffee table that my parent bought some 40 years ago.  But also said goodbye to a good chunk of books and records, two things that make up a lot of our clutter.   Also made some good money selling records outside of the sale to local shop in particular.

And on a heritage note, while I did not plan to buy anything from anyone else, I did snag to transom latches to replace a couple of broken ones on our casement windows.  Nice! (but please excuse the crappy photo, I'm still working on my picture taking stills)

But there is still way too much stuff here.  Trying to decide wether we should have another sale, or donate.  I think we'll wait a bit and see.  it's all stacked away in the basement for now.

Or most of it is.  Some of it is still strewn around the house, which is not looking clean and free of clutter at all.  So a few steps forward and a few steps back!

We did make a dent in our office.  two bookshelves are now empty (with many of the books stored away, can't quite get to parting with them all yet)  It just now needs a bit of a reorg.

But I realized I took no pictures of any of this!!  Well I suppose I could take a shot of the partially empty bookcases, but there is still other clutter around, so I think we'll wait till it's more tidy.

I've also almost finished two other crafty projects :)  I will blog about them shortly!

But for now, I must get cleaning, I'm back at work in just over 3 weeks, and I'm determined to have most everything pared down before then!...

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