Sunday, October 23, 2011

Attack of the robot pumpkins?

I finally finished one of the other projects I had hoped to complete during KCWC.  Ah well, maybe next time I'll live up to the challenge more.  What can I say, it was a crazy week!

And this week?  Fall is definitely in full swing, which meant Squiggles needed another sweater!  This kid dirties up his clothes like there is no tomorrow, so despite my hopes of keeping his wardrobe trim, it's hard when everything gets dirty so quick!  But at least it is an excuse to make more cute things.

In this case, a robot hoodie!  Inspired by Cirque du bebe's awesome hoodies, I bought the Heidi and Finn Comfy Yoga top pattern.  I've seen their Urban hoodie everywhere in crafty blog land, but I'm still a bit scared of button holes to attempt that one.  But this one was pretty easy!  Except that, like my inspiration hoodies, I used a woven cotton on the outside, with yet more of my stash green knit on the inside.  And, well, just don't look toooo close there are some pulls on the knit that I didn't care to take out :)

Either way, cute no?  Maybe its a bit much as the white background is quite bright, but who cares, I think it's adorable.  Oh and the fabric is I heart robots by Timeless Treasures, designed by Rashida Coleman Hale.  And as I made the size 2, theres room for him to grow into it all winter!

And bonus?  It's looks adorable with the knit pumpkin hat and mittens made by his Auntie at our visit to the pumpkin patch yesterday!

In other news, last week one of our local schools held a fabric flea market.  It was crazy busy, but I manage to snag some good basics like a pile of corduroy for future Squiggles pants, and a piece of pretty knit for something for me for next to nothing.

Not too bad eh?  Now I need to wait for my other recent splurge to arrive in the mail... my first venture into online fabric buying... lets cross our fingers and hope it doesn't get lost in the mail!

Hmm I may just have a fabric buying problem (although I do have plans for it all!), but at least I come by it honestly, ask my sister and mother whats hiding in their closets!

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