Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where has all this fabric come from?

The fabric I ordered a few weeks ago on Etsy from Fresh Modern Fabrics has arrived!  And boy it's nice looking.  Originally I had just planned to order some of Melody Millers "Ruby Star Rising" Transistor radios and viewfinders for Squiggles.  But then I saw that they still had some of Lizzie House's Castle collection.

Let just say I really really like castles and Medieval stuff, so I had to get some.  For what? Not sure yet, but I wonder if I can pull off making something for me from it?

The other bit of fabric is for a christmas gift.  We plan on a pretty minimal Christmas this year.  We are only buying a few things, the rest I'm making.  And I'm not necessarily making that much either.  We really want to move to quality, not quantity and start to teach Squiggles that he doesn't need to get lots of stuff to have an awesome Christmas.

I also visited a local quilt shop to buy the rest of the fabric for the handmade gifts.  This store stocks some of the nice designer fabrics I see online.  Like Amy Butler, as seen frequently below.

They also had this awesome fabric with a print of an old paris map. Awesome.  And since then, I've seen online that the same collection (3 Sisters for Moda)  includes fabric with old building plans on it.  Even awesomer, I'm hoping they get some of that.  And if so, I will be buying a bunch to make something for me!

I do heart fabric, yes, yes I do...  Anyone else already planning/making Christmas gifts yet?


  1. This collection is totally That map one is really great, I just added it to my etsy favourites!

  2. Hi!
    Ooh - I love these and need to find an excuse do some fabric shopping now!
    Christmas sewing has yet to begin over here -- I just barely finished the Halloween costume in time! Btw, I used the same pattern that you used for Squiggles' bear costume (super cute!), but hacked it a bit to make a daisy costume for my little girl. It was my fist time attempting putting in a zipper, but I was pretty happy with the results!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make with your new fabrics! :)

  3. your stack is also making me drool! I love that easy shop for fabrics lately too. They always have my kind of stuff.


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