Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring KCWC Days 1-4

Finally finished my first projects for KCWC, they've been mostly done since yesterday, but I just put the finishing touches on them tonight and attempted to take photos of them on my squiggly almost 2 year old... See photo evidence below!

So after seeing numerous cute version of this pattern, I finally bought it and made it!  The Sailboat top and pants are actually my first time working with an Oliver + S pattern, and I totally understand why people rave about them!  Very straightforward and cute!  The pants seemed complicated at first look, but the totally are not!

The only maybe tricker part is all the button holes that need to be made.  While I have pretty well figured out the buttonhole functions on my machine, I'm still not 100% happy with their appearance.  And you'll notice I went all crazy and sewed them both up in red thread!  Does it work? I think so!

I attempted to do some adjustments to the sizing for my skinny shortish kid, with some success.  I made the shirt in 12-18 month width with a 2T length (I dislike short shirts!) and it worked.

The pants were the 18-24 month size, but the 3T length (I'm expecting him to growth spurt soon, and in the meantime I like the idea of the pants not being cropped.  I figure by the summer they'll be shorter, which will be perfect! but for now they are just long enough to be ok in the still sometimes chilly weather up here.  I will need to take in the back elastic on the pants, but other than that, they fit pretty good!

And finally the fabric!  The pants accent fabric and the shirt fabric are from Sarah Jane's Children at Play collection.  I had only bought a 1/2 yard of the shirt fabric, not initially intending for this, but I was pretty proud of my myself for cutting the whole shirt out of it, with the exception of one of the bottom facings!  The pattern calls for a least a yard!  My mother would be proud, she's always been the master of cutting things out of the least amount of fabric!  Maybe it's her Dutchness, but it definitely rubbed of!

So what shall I make next for KCWC?  I need to go figure that out!


  1. Very cute! I just finished the sailboat pants, but am wondering what to make the shirt from, I love your fabric choices. The red stitching is a cute detail too.

  2. They look awesome on him, Bear. I am sorry I said the shirt looked like a dashiki! Love you!

  3. Very lovely set and so nicely finished too. Red thread looks great! Aren't buttonholes just the biggest pain?! Nice job!

  4. What a lovely little boys outfit! And if you have read my blog you will know all about my dislike for buttonholes too :-)


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