Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Second Birthday

I certain squiggly boy's 2nd birthday finally brought me out of my sewing funk of the last few weeks.  I'd been kinda feeling sick and had no motivation to do anything but sit on the couch for the last while, but thankfully I think I'm feeling inspired again!  Thanks at least partly to the couple little projects I completed for little M's b-day!

I had wanted to start a few little traditions for his birthday.  The first of which was to make a birthday bunting that could be brought out every year.

I used this tutorial, and was able to us bits from the piles of boyish cotton I have, plus felt for the circle and letters (the tutorial uses all fabric).

Second tradition was to make him a birthday crown.  For this I used this tutorial for most of it (main pattern and elastic back directions) but did my own decorations.  I wanted his initial to make it his and added the two stars, one for each birthday year.  I'll add one for each year as he ages.  Well until he won't have anything to do with wearing it!

And again I made cupcakes.  Love this recipe.  Still pretty sugary, but the beets make them seem healthier (and nice and moist!).

And to round out recent sewing related activities, I got new books today!  Thanks to my lovely neighbours who brought me back from Japan these 4 Japanese pattern books!  Soo much cheaper than getting them imported here!  I'd better finally try something from them!  I have two others my dear husband bought me for my birthday as well.  I'm not too intimidated by the directions, just more by the pattern sheets!

And finally Happy Mother's day to my North American followers, hope you had a great day!  It was gorgeous here!

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