Friday, June 1, 2012

A hat, bonnets and more bonnets!

So apparently I've only been capable of making hats the last few weeks.  One bucket hat and three bonnets later, here we are!

Bucket hat from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.  Made up in Enchino cars, and a print from Sarah Jane's Children at Play line (the blue one with the paper airplanes, but I have no picture to prove it!)  Made using Jessica of A Little Grey's clever shortcut (no hand sewing!)

Second Birthday Made by Rae Peek-a-boo Bonnet.  Modelled by little M (doesn't it go lovely with the plaid shirt and dump truck?)  Just a quick shot on the way to the birthday party.  I do enjoy being a last minute sewist, ha.

Two more little Peek-a-boo bonnets for the Australian Niece.  They are finally on their way guys!  Hope you get them soon!  Apparently I like making these bonnets, as previously seen here and here.

Now that I've gotten all this hat making out of my system, I have exciting things happening next week here on this little blog!  Be sure to visit on Wednesday when I'll be taking part in a pattern blog tour for the first time ever! and there may just something in it for you if you visit!

See you then!


  1. Jo,
    These are awesome! They look so sturdy. Bonnets are often so floppy and useless. More of annoyance to the little one than a help. . .

  2. Oh, they are lovely! And look, I just made the same hats! I love Oliver + S!

  3. OH MY! I LOVE your Echino bucket hat! So glad you found my schemingly-lazy ways to be helpful :) And how stinkin sweet are those bonnets?


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