Saturday, August 18, 2012

Backpack with a View

I've been meaning to make one of Made by Rae's Toddler Backpacks up for M since I made the last one in January.  I finally finished it last weekend, and just in time!   Oddly enough, M starting asking for a backpack last week, it was a bit weird, I suppose I must have been mentioning it, but he is getting very observant.  Nothing gets past this little guy.

This is probably the first thing I've made him where he understands I made it, and appreciates it!  Every time he sees it, he states "Mama made the backpack!"  Makes this mama feel nice.

He loves wearing it, and it's probably good I waited a bit to make it as its still a bit big.  With the straps at their shortest, it stays on, but barely.  Regardless, it looks adorable, and he'll grow into it before long.

The fabric is of course, Viewfinders from Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising collection.  Despite the fact that M was asking for a robot backpack (no idea why) he still loves this pattern, and so do I!    It's just lined in a dark blue cotton. 

Sewing up this one went smoother then the last one, I think mostly because I didn't interface it with the super stiff stuff I used last time.  While it'd be nice if the backpack stood up on it's own more, the thick interfacing last time made a pain to sew so this one was a breeze.  

I can totally see making a school sized one in a few years for him (maybe even in robot fabric).
And he sure is cute wearing it!


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