Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Animal Apron

Just a little quick project post as haven't gotten around to photographing my recent maternity sewing project and realized it's been forever since I posted!

I can't believe I waiting so long to make this one either.  Little M loves his play kitchen, and helping Daddy in the kitchen (he's the chef of the house, not me!)  So naturally this kid needed a mini apron.

And finally I made one.

I used the free Child's Apron pattern by the lovely Meg over at Sew Liberated.  And naturally I made it using animal prints.  I suppose food prints would have been more suitable, but seriously, who wouldn't want an apron with frog princes on one side and monkeys on the other.  Right?

M likes it, and that's all that matters!  Isn't he cute (and rather blurry) with his kitchen?  I think so, but I just might be biased.


  1. I love the apron you made and want to get making one myself now! Do you think a quilting weight fabric be too light for this? Also, can I ask where you got M's awesome little kitchen+accessories from?

    1. Thanks! You can totally just make it from quilting weight I think. I used one quilting weight piece and one japanese linen cotton blend. And Got the kitchen from Nest. http://www.nest.ca/index.php?product=CR1033&c=14. And the accessories are mostly Plan Toys just from various local stores!

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