Monday, November 19, 2012

A plain old brown skirt

I just realized today that I totally never blogged this project.  Probably because it was pretty darn boring.

Because all I did was make a brown version of Megan Nielsen's great Ruched Maternity Skirt pattern.

And well, it's just kinda boring and brown I guess.

Good news?  It still fits me at 36 weeks pregnant! Unlike the lovely blue polka dot one, which I can't get on anymore.   I made this one almost two months  ago, so it's gotten some good wear.  Now I'm off work though, so it's comfy leggings for me till delivery methinks!

I did make the bigger size which probably helped, and visited my sister to use her machine with extra special stretch stitches which made the waistband more co-operative.

Please excuse the crappy pictures (again)  I can never catch good daylight these days, and I clearly should work on my indoor photo lighting skills. :-)

Anyways, this will be it for maternity projects for sure.  I'm taking it easy this week in order to keep this baby inside till at least 37 weeks (little M was early, and I don't want a repeat of that!)

I'm hoping I feel up to finishing some newborn projects, but no guarantees!


  1. That can't be a baby under there? It's just too perfect, and cute, and round!!
    You look fantastic...and that is one awesome maternity skirt!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! And hhere is! I should point out that the pictures were from me at about 30 weeks, and I've expanded since then! I call this baby the basketball duet to my just in the front roundness :)

  2. Omg, you are one svelt baby mama. That skirt looks like would be awesome to wear after you have your baby if it wasn't all stretched out of shape.

  3. Don't downplay the value of a good neutral skirt that looks lovely on you, too! Wishing you a easy delivery...

  4. This skirt looks so great on you!! Nothing boring about this cute ensemble. And yes, you are one seriously cute pregnant lady. I'm one of those lucky people who gets pregnant all over (especially in the ginormous ta-tas and extra chins), so I am always a bit envious of ladies like you who just grow a cute little basketball. ;-) Looking good, mama!


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