Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Dinosaur

Yes, I realize it's been a week since Halloween, but what can I say, I'm slow these days.

So I'll make this post brief, and just show you a few dark and kinda crappy photos of the costume I made little M this year.

It's a variation of the Woodland Animal Costume pattern from Jessica of Running with Scissors.  The same pattern I used to make his bear costume last year.

This year I made it into a dinosaur, but just adding in some spikes along the back, and also make a separate tail using Jessica's popular dino tail tutorial!

I made the 2T because I'm silly, and forget that my kid maybe little, but not that little, and so I should have made the 3T, but it just barely fits.  The hood is really too small, but it was ok.  

He won't get other wear from the costume, but he loves running around roaring at everyone in just the tail and his bear slippers!

P.S. Yikes! time is running short before the baby gets here! (I'm 34 weeks now!)  I'm hoping to get a few more projects in yet.  One more maternity project, and I'm hoping to post up a tutorial on making a shower cap style winter car seat cover (as there seems to be none online?)  There are lots to make blanket type covers, but I need something more tight and windproof here for those Canadian winters, so I'm gonna attempt to make whats in my mind.  Wish me luck?  

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