Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally, I made a "Manligan"

I loove cardigans, especially on boys, and waaay long ago when I saw the "manligans" Sophie at Cirque du Bebe made for her littles, I had to make one too!  It just took me a while!

I picked up the red stripe knit at a fabric thrift sale and the blue ribbing is the same I used on the Mr.'s cardigan last year.

The pattern is relatively easy, but not really for beginners.   It's the Darling Cardigan by Owly Baby.  My only slight issue was the knit is pretty thin so a bit tricky to keep in line.  But again I loove having my new machine for knits,  I'm really loving sewing with them now!

But it turned out pretty good! (please ignore the fact the top button is really to high, but it works, oops!)

Now I just need to plan my spring sewing as winter is almost over... right?


  1. Oh lovely! Looks so cute on him and the colours are lovely too. Thanks for the meniton!

  2. So cute! I must make one for my little boy.

  3. That is adorable!
    I can always think of fun things to sew for my daughter...but now that I have a son I have no clue what I could make for him (something other than the boy basics I could find in a store)...this would be a perfect project...I see they even make the pattern small enough!!

    Natasha ~


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