Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Green Top for Spring

It's currently snowing outside now on the first day of Spring up here.  Oops?

All the more reason to start spring sewing right?  Yes!

I've also learned that I seem to get the most sewing done with a random self imposed deadline.  For instance, I bought the gorgeous Nani Iro double gauze at Fabrications a few weeks ago and then decided I MUST make a shirt from it for St Patricks day.

Please excuse the wrinkles! I had just taken it of after wearing it for a while!

I'm not Irish remotely, and I'm not big on celebrating random holidays, but hey, any excuse to make something right?

So I finally made up a Wiksten tank.  I've been meaning to make one for basically years, and I'm glad a finally did.

It's a quick sew, and super cute.  I was also able to get this out of a single meter of fabric with only some slight adjustments to make it a bit narrower (which I had already planned anyways) and voila!  Oh I did also cut it to the length of a medium to account for my height too.

I also kinda love how the design is kinda unbalanced as a result of me having to cut out the front and back beside each other not above.  I think it's a neat effect!

Will I make more?  I hope so!! I can see a whole summer of these!

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