Thursday, September 8, 2011

I realize it is a little girly

But I don't care, who says boys need to look all boyish all the time!  The fabric was cute, and I wanted to try out Rae's Charlie Tunic pattern, so I did, and I think it's adorable.


I wanted to make something for Squiggles first day of daycare on Tuesday so I tried to whip this out quickly. Well it was ready for his second day, and I was reminded that I should not try to sew up a new pattern in one evening.  I also should make sure I have matching thread.  Just using cream that kinda matches seemed like a good idea at the time.  "It will add some cute contrast ono the facings I said"  And sure it kinda did, but I think if you're going for contrast it's gotta be more "contrasty", and less "looks kind out of placy".


Either way, It was a good trial run for the pattern, It fits Squiggles better then I thought it would, and aside from a few trickier aspects (vent facings and sewing down the skinny sleeve seams, ack!) it's relatively straight forward.  I have fabric I like a lot more to use for the next one which is more boyish and for which I will buy matching thread for!

But for now enjoy a final blurry picture of Squiggles wearing it with some boyish cargo pants :)  (Note: the pictures are questionable because I used my iPhone camera in not so good light.  Mr. Bear had the camera and I was anxious to make sure I got some shots before it got dirty and then sat in the wash for a week :)


  1. Oh J-han, this is a great top. And you know that most people wouldn't even notice the contrasting stitching. It looks great. I am thinking of getting this pattern. Is it easy? What sizes does it suit? Any other comments about it?

  2. It's pretty easy, the facings take a bit of extra time, but aren't really hard. And it takes some more time to finish the seams nice. I suspect it would fit most kids as it is cut loose. I was worried it'd seem far to baggy on my somewhat skinny toddler, but he fits the 12-18 month size nice (he's 16 months). I think it's cute! and it could be girly or boyish depending on your fabric!
    Thanks for the nice comments!


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