Monday, September 19, 2011

A Little Bear

I did warn you I had stuff in line to blog about didn't I?  I know, two posts in two days, crazy but true!

This time it's all about bears!  Well a bear costume on a cute little dude at least.  And his dad is affectionately known as Mr. Bear.  That's a lot of cute bears I think.

So I got a chance to test Jessica of Running with Scissors new Woodland Animal Costume sewing pattern last week!  I totally love her Hipster Hoodie pattern, and now I'm totally ahead of the game and already have Squiggles' Halloween costume done!

You should check it out.  It's relatively simple (although it was my first attempt at a gusset, and only like my 5th at putting in a zipper)  And I made it from pretty stretchy fleece...ooops (it was super on sale!)  But it generally went well, and it was super cool to help test it out and give her feedback, and get a planned project (making his costume) done!  I added in his Converse shoes, because every little bear needs good shoes, and the outfit was complete!

I also made the red hood to make it an Ewok costume like Jessica had done for her son, but wouldn't you know it, Squiggles rips it off when I put it on the costume.  Not a Star Wars fan yet I guess?

The pattern also has a variation for a wolf and super cute fox included, so I may just have the next two years costumes already planned out!  I'm thinking you could also probably make other animals using the basic suit pattern too! yay!

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