Sunday, September 18, 2011

Presents for Boys

I made some stuff to give to some boys over the last little while.  So I thought I'd share.

I made another Hipster Hoodie for one of Squiggles' little fiends birthday.  I actually used my machine this time, not my mom's like with the first one.  And I think I got the settings right because it turned out just as good!  This one used some more of my stash green knit along with a hacked up H&M t-shirt.  Didn't end up being able to get the stripes on the left angled as much as I wanted, but it still looks good I think! Right?

I have a one of these cut out for Squiggles too.  I might just make it during Elsie Marley's Fall Kids Clothing Week challenge.  Want to join in?  Check it out here, or click on the image on the right!

I also made another one of Make it Perfect's awesome Peek-a-boo Toy sacks for another one of Squiggles awesome baby friends (see previous sacks here).  I used some of my recently acquired new fabric.  Love the plaid!

Lastly, I made a certain Mr. Bear a little something.  A simple little wallet using this tutorial on Noodlehead.  His old one was falling apart, and he wanted something not to bulky.  So I cut into some of the awesome Kokka robot fabric I got in July along with a little co-ordinating plaid, and voila!

My cutting wasn't super square, I was in a hurry to make it in the hour and half I had while Mr. Bear took Squiggles for an evening walk.  One thing would help my crooked cutting though... Family members take note:  I would like a rotary cutter, self healing mat and one of those see through quilters rulers for Christmas please :).

I've been busy these days, the change of seasons is inspiring I think, so I will have lots more to show you all soon.  And I might even have actually almost cleaned and organize up our office (previously seen in it's clutterly glory here)  yay!

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  1. I just love the jumper you made. Also the wallet is really cool. Cute robots :-)


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