Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Purple Backpack

Little backpacks are simply adorable!  I made this one as a 2nd b-day gift for one of M's little friends using Made by Rae's awesome Toddler Backpack pattern.  

And this cute girl loves purple.  Pretty well won't wear something unless there is some purple involved.  Oh those toddlers, they are a funny (and awesome) bunch!

So I knew that this fabric (from Amy Butler, previous seen here) would be perfect!   It is only quilting weight cotton,  so I did have to interface it, but I may have overcompensated, but it became rather tricky to sew, being sooo stiff!  I do like how it keeps it shape though!

I also lined it (in purple of course!) which was super easy and makes it look soo more finished.  I'm soo glad Rae added instructions to the pattern for adding a lining!

I also could not find a piping colour that worked (Seriously, the store only ever stocks lame colours) so I made my own from bias tape and cording. All in all, I'm pretty pleased (just ignore some of the stray threads shown in the photos!

And I've already gathered the supplies to make one for M hopefully soon!

1 comment:

  1. I love it - it looks absolutely perfect! This pattern is definitely on my (ever growing) to-do list...just need to build up a few more skills and then block off some time in order to tackle it!


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