Thursday, July 3, 2014

Strawberry Season!

I'm going to attempt to blog more regularly, and am hoping to give this here blog some spring cleaning.... here goes on the more regular blogging part!

As you fine readers may have noticed... I love dresses.  And lately, I love sewing with knits.  I also love strawberries.  So well yeah, when I saw this fabric on L'Oiseau Fabric's site, I clearly had to buy it.

After some thought, I decided to make something simple and not childish.  Thankfully Salme Pattern's had recently released a V-neck Dress pattern which fit the bill. 

It went well, I cut a size bigger than my normal thinking I needed too based on measurements (I actually have a thick waist compared to the rest of me, surprising, I know.)  But I ended up taking it back in.  I also realize how much I hate facings on knits.  I don't care what you all say, they Do.Not.Stay.Down.  So I topstiched anyways.

I also added some red knit to the shoulders for some interest.  I'm not yet sure if looks neat or vaguely military. Thoughts?

Also, my oldest son is a crazy kid, and insisted on being in the photos, so I thought I'd share his silliness too.  Just wait till you see some of the photos of him modelling some new pieces I've recently sewn for him.  Man that kid has the poses down!  If I didn't know better, I'd have thought he'd watched Zoolander.

Final note.  I recently discovered some ridiculously awesome Canadian retailers of serious awesome patterned knits.  Simplifi Fabric in Ontario, and the aforementioned L'Oiseau in Alberta.  Not to mention a few awesome Facebook groups.  My sewing budget is basically blown.

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  1. Cute dress!!! And I absolutely love the goofy faces! So cute and funny!


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