Monday, July 21, 2014

Tale of the Imagine Jacket and a Silly Preschooler

I'm so excited to share the photos of my version of the fourth and last pattern in the Make (Believe) Pattern Anthology bundle!  The Imagine Jacket is perfect for my a certain little boy with a very active imagination.

He's also quite creative.  And apparently he watched Zoolander behind our backs and now pulls out the most adorable poses ever when I ask him to stand STILL.

He totally works it though, and I love it.  NOW, back to the jacket.

I've not sewed many jackets.  Not normally something I'd see myself taking the time to do.  This pattern has changed my mind though!  so many great details (welt pockets!, rib cuffs!)  but still pretty simple construction.  This pattern will be my go too next time a need a jacket for my boys!

In particular this will be M's jacket for this fall.  I just hope he's ok with the zipper!  I put in a chunkier one for that exactly reason.

I finally cut into and use most of this awesome camera fabric I picked up at Fabrications back probably over a year ago for the lining, and just used some blue twill for the rest.

I think he likes it!

Now go check out the pattern and the Make (Believe) collection!  The bundle is only available until the 28th!

Did you all also know it's Kids Clothes Week??  Check out details here!  Nothing like a good excuse to sew at least once a day and gets lots of inspiration from other sewists! 


  1. He is seriously, just the CUTEST. Those poses!! He must keep you all so entertained!

    The jacket is perfect! So beautifully executed. I love the welt pockets and the lining fabric!

  2. omigosh he is adorable. and i love the jacket! he definitely models it well.

  3. Great job on all four patterns. They all look very professionally made and are just gorgeous. I love seeing great patterns for boys!


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