Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adventure in a Tee shirt

Yesterday, I shared my Bookworm button up, the first of four tester projects from the new Pattern Anthology Make (Believe) collection!

Next up is the Adventure Tee!

I love sewing with knits for my boys, so was super excited to try out some of the many, many awesome options in this pattern!  I opted to use many of them in this shirt.  The placket, tabs and zipper pocket in particular.  They are such an awesome way to fancy up a comfy tee!

The pattern calls for these to be made in knit like the rest, but I wanted to use orange, and only had woven fabric and it worked perfectly!

This was also a great opportunity to cut into some of my treasured Lillistoff Euro knit from Simplifi Fabric.  This boy loves dinosaurs, and I love putting bright colours and patterns on my boys, so it worked out perfect (and he likes it!)!

This kid is turning into a real poser.  Whenever he sees a camera come out the posing starts.  In these photos he tells me he's being a rock star.  So adorable.

Check back tomorrow for my next project!  and in the meantime, go check out the pattern collection and pick up your own!

1 comment:

  1. He is TOTALLY a rock star!! Those poses make me so happy. And what a fun shirt! Awesome!


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