Thursday, July 24, 2014

KCW - Shorts time!

I had plans to make some shorts and tanks for the boys this Kids Clothes Week.  And well. I got the shorts done!   My time yesterday and today has been spent trying to figure out what's wrong with my serger... to no avail.  So I think I'll be sewing up the tanks on my regular machine tomorrow instead!

But, well, I made SHORTS!  Nothing fancy, but I've been meaning to make them shorts with these fabrics for over a year!

First up, some for little E.  These are a modified version of the Quick Change Pants pattern from Anna Maria Horners book Handmade Beginnings.  I didn't make them reversible, and shortened them to shorts length.  I added an inch to the top to account for cloth diaper but and an elastic casing and bingo!

I still made them to long, but I added a huge hem which I could roll up even more to make them fit like this.  They will last a while as his big brother technically fits the width of his Quick Change Pants I made him in the same size years ago!

Oh and the fabric?  Why yes, his but is covered in a small scrap of lion fabric from the new Cotton + Steel line!  And the buses are Kokka linen/cotton, both from Fabrications!  This little boy LOVES buses, he was super excited when he saw them!

Next up?  Radio shorts!  I have had this fabric from over 2 years I think and always planned to make shorts with it.  So I did.  And I have enough for more shorts!

These are the shorts version of the Clean Slate Pants in 4T.  This is a great pattern!  It's available as part of the extended Pattern Anthology Collection as well until this Monday! I just did the basic pants with the pockets, but in the future I totally want to do the welt back pockets and a fly!  I also just ran the elastic through the whole waist band instead of leaving a flat front.  My blue accent fabric was just a thinner quilting cotton which I hadn't interfaced, so it needed something more.

And oh, he seems to like them too!  Although he keeps asking me what the radios are!  Kids these days!


  1. The quick change trouser pattern is probably my most used pattern of all time. Adorable shorts!


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