Saturday, July 19, 2014

Explorer Hoodie Time!

Can you believe there is just over a week left to get your hands on the Make (Believe) Pattern bundle over at Pattern Anthology

So it's time to share my tester version of the Explorer Hoodie

I love sewing knits!  These days there are more and more cute prints you can get your hands on (I used some Lillestoff here) and knits are soo easy to wear and cozy!  They are such quick sews too, no need to finish seams!  I even used my regular machine, but with a good walking foot and a fake overlock or zig zag stitch it's works great!

And also?  I love hoods!  And he looks cute in hoods!

I love the angled zipper option in particular with this pattern!  Next time I plan to add the button tab as well.  My zipper is a bit wavy as I had mean to interface it, but otherwise I love it!  And he has room to grow in it too.  It'll be perfect for the cooler evenings we know are a month or two away.

So, now get ourself over here and get the pattern!  (And please excuse the drool)

And don't forget to check out my posts for the other patterns in the collection, the Bookworm Button Up and the Adventure Tee!

And check back tomorrow for my version of the last but definitely NOT least pattern, the Imagine Jacket!

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